Sherwood Park Minor Baseball exists to foster and encourage the growth and enjoyment of the sport of baseball by teaching the value of sportsmanship, skills and competition.

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Fair Play Guidelines
for House League Players, Coaches and Parents


Most of us who have children registered to play minor baseball in Sherwood Park have fond memories of childhood baseball experiences. Memories of fresh air, green fields, new friends, the chance to compete, all take us back to our youth. Regardless of what sport we spent our summer at, a certain amount of our character and interest in life has been derived from those experiences. Although winning is the goal of almost any athletic endeavour, its "how we played the game" that shapes the values we teach our children rather than whether we won or lost.

We can all recall that inspirational coach or parent who helped us to understand the value of being a team player or helped us overcome that devastating playoff loss. To make this experience a reality for your child and others involved requires that we keep in mind the experiences of our youth and pass those on through our actions and our words. A child learns by example. Much of what is seen and heard, and how the child is treated, both on and off the filed, can have lasting effects. An atmosphere that is fun and educational is likely to promote healthy self-esteem in youth, just as a negative and critical climate can have adverse affects.

Sherwood Park Minor Baseball Association is committed to fair play as a primary principal and recognizes its inherent value in the development of our youth.

Attached to this statement are fair play pointers for players, coaches, and parents which can be copied and distributed for reference.

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