Sherwood Park Minor Baseball exists to foster and encourage the growth and enjoyment of the sport of baseball by teaching the value of sportsmanship, skills and competition.

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Become a Coach and Make a Difference! 

Coaches Wanted for 2017 Season

On-Line Application Form Now Open: Click Here

One of the most under-rated volunteer experiences is being a house-league coach.  Some parents choose not to coach because they are concerned the time commitment would be too much, that the parents may be too difficult, or that they just don't have the skills.  Are these concerns valid?

Coaches attend two games per week and some choose to also have a practice one day a week.  Other coaches choose not to have very many practices, but instead ask that players arrive at the ball diamond 30 minutes early where they will learn new skills and do drills.  The other time commitment is the odd meeting with the Director, and coaching in the year-end tournament.  Our experience has always been that many parents assist the coach, including a manager, scorekeeper, and assistant coaches.  All the years that my husband has coached baseball, he has never had a problem with one of his parents.

And finally, Sherwood Park Minor Baseball offers coaches clinics free of charge where coaches learn drills to do with their players, and other important aspects of the game.  Details are outlined on the "Clinics" webpage.

The most important reasons to play baseball is becoming part of a team, learning a few skills, and having fun!  My husband likes to tell a true story in which his team was getting clobbered by the opposition.  Unusually, they didn't score one run!  At the end of the game, one of his players came off the field smiling and asked him, "Did we win, Coach?"  He was so busy having fun playing second base that he didn't realize the other team was running the bases while our team never crossed the plate once!  Coach replied, "Did you have fun?"  The little rookie said, "Yes!" so Coach said,

"Then I guess we won!"  

Don't be afraid to step up to

the plate and volunteer as a coach!

You really will make a difference! 


Contact Information

Vice-President - Rep Program - Corrie Davis
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Vice-President - House League Program - Cindy Lovie

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All coaches and coach assistants must provide an RCMP criminal record check.  See Record Checks for more details.

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