House League

General Information

House League Program:

The foundation of the Sherwood Park Minor Baseball Association (SPMBA) is the House League (HL) Program. This program provides an opportunity for young people between the ages of 4 and 18 to experience the fun of playing baseball. Development of basic skills is fostered by providing free coaching clinics to our HL coaches and assistants, as well as ensuring that quality equipment and playing facilities are provided. Children learn the value of sportsmanship and build character through competition in the league play.

At the youngest levels (Rally Cap & Rookie) children are given opportunity to play all of the positions. At the Mosquito level and above, it is recognized that for the speed of the game, those players that can consistently pitch a hittable ball will be allowed to pitch more often. However, there should be equal rotation of all other positions and all players should be given some opportunity to pitch. At the Bantam level, players will start to have core positions with less opportunity to rotate into all positions. However, all players should have an equal opportunity to play the infield and no players should be sitting on the bench more than other players. 

The HL program seeks to uphold the philosophy of the SPMBA, which is "To foster and encourage the growth and enjoyment of the sport of baseball by teaching the value of sportsmanship, skills and competition."  Participation in the HL program is determined by age category.

Individual Program Details:

Registration Information: 

For information on registration fees, Click Here

Player Evaluations:

Player Evaluations are conducted in early spring under the direction of the SPMBA HL Committee. These evaluations are based upon the player's age category and direct observation of demonstrated skill. The primary purpose of these evaluations is to attempt to provide balance in the selection of HL teams, so that no one team is too strong or too weak. A related issue is that of safety. The evaluations can provide an opportunity to determine if a given player's skill level (such as throwing speed) is such that having them play at a slightly higher age level would be in their best interest and the best interest of other players. This is more typical at the younger age levels.

League Play:

All HL teams participate in spring league play that runs from the beginning of May to the end of June.  Games are played on weeknights, twice per week for all levels except Bantam (Rally Cap & Mosquitos play Tuesdays and Thursdays; Rookies & PeeWees play Monday and Wednesdays). Bantams have a fuller schedule involving weeknight and weekend play.  There is also a HL Tournament each year and there are HL Playoffs to determine the season champion.


The cost to play in the House League program of the SPMBA is very reasonable.  SPMBA registration fees covers all basic expenses such as player uniforms, applicable team equipment for each division (bats, balls, bases, tees, pitching machine, catcher equipment), insurance, umpire fees and diamond rentals. 

Coaching Clinics:

SPMBA strongly supports and promotes the NCCP Certification Program. All HL coaches are encouraged to complete Level 1 certification. This training is provided free of charge.

House League Committee:

SPMBA's HL Committee is made up of a HL Vice-President and five HL Directors. The Committee is responsible for setting up the HL Program and overseeing it throughout the season. Primary responsibilities include: selecting coaches, conducting coach and player evaluations, and ensuring the HL program upholds the overall philosophy of SPMBA.

Divisional Practices:

What is a Divisional Practice?

SPMBA has two programs - house league and rep.  Divisional Practices provide an opportunity for our rep teams to mentor our house league players and coaches.

Refer to calendar for the Divisional Practice schedule

Concession (Sherwood Heights by Log Cabin - 50 Spruce Avenue) 

Each team (Rally Cap to Pee Wee) has a Concession night that they must volunteer at.

At least 2 people must be on shift at all times and must be over 16 years of age. 

There is a penalty for missed coverage ($100 paid or no tournament games).

Coaches are responsible to assign concession rep who ensures volunteers for scheduled time slots.

All monies earned support SPMBA house league program. 

Concession Schedule: Click Here 

Concession Duties: Click Here

House League Forms:

SPMBA Accident Report:  Click Here

SPMBA Safety/Medical Form:  Click Here

Contact Information

Vice President - House League: Greg Berger




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