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SPMBA Rep Program

Do you like the intensity of competition?

Do you want to further develop your baseball skills?

Do you want a longer season to play?

If the answer is "YES", the Rep Program is for you.  It gives players the opportunity to hone their individual and team skills at weekly practices, to demonstrate those skills in competitive games in the surrounding area, and to extend the season through July (and into August at the higher levels).

Rep Program:

The selection of players for Sherwood Park Athletics (A's) teams is a process that includes the evaluation of a player's demonstrated ability at tryout sessions, age, desire to play at a more competitive level, commitment to an extended season of play, and proven sportsmanship in previous seasons (as applicable).

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Tryout Sessions:

Player Evaluations or "Tryouts" are held in early spring by pre-selected coaches and independent evaluators under the direction of the Rep Committee.  All coaches/evaluators are respected members of SPMBA and know how to assess skill performance.  A standard evaluation process is used across all divisions for consistency and fairness in the player selection process, recognizing that it may vary at the Midget vs. Mosquito levels.

Tryout times are broken down by division/age.  The evaluation includes direct observation of demonstrated skill, estimate of future development potential, perceived dedication to the program and other such factors.  

Players need to attend all evaluation sessions for their division in order to give the association the opportunity to effectively evaluate all of the skills, and ultimately place players on the appropriate teams.  It may be that evaluations for specific skills are held at only one of the sessions, so it is important to attend to all sessions.  If a player cannot attend all sessions then the player or family must inform the appropriate rep director in advance.


Individual Division Details:

Each division or age category is broken down into 3 or 4 competitive levels that vary by division. These levels are identified as Performance (formerly known as "AAA"), Competitive (formerly known as "AA"), and Community (formerly known as "A" and "A2"), with Performance representing the highest level of competition. 

Divisional Practices:


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League Play:

SPMBA is a member of Baseball Alberta (BA) and plays in their league.  BA manages the league and is responsible to schedule games, locations, and opponents.

Community play occurs in July.  Players participate in House League for May/June, with occasional Community team practices and one tournament (The Dave "DOC" Plotsky Tournament) hosted by SPMBA.  They come together in July for consistent practices and weekend play leading up to provincial championships.

Competitive play runs from May through July and is separate from the House League program.  Teams are scheduled in tiers that change over the course of 3 rounds, with each round completed monthly.  Round One is determined primarily by proximity; Round Two by proximity and caliber of play (Tier 1 most competitive); Round Three by caliber of play in preparation for good, competitive play for all teams in provincial championships.  Strong results can extend the season into August at the older divisions.

Performance play runs from May through July and potentially into August.  It is also separate from the House League program, and begins at the PeeWee Division.  All Performance teams participate in provincial championships, and have the potential to go to Western Canada Championships.  Bantam and Midget Divisions also have the potential for National Championships.

Games are generally played on weekends (3-4 games on Saturday/Sunday), with rainouts rescheduled mid-week for opponents within travelling distance.  Opponents are generally made up of other baseball organizations in the surrounding area that are members of BA (i.e. Beaumont, Spruce Grove, St Albert, Ft Saskatchewan, Edmonton, etc.).  Travel can extend around the province.

Exhibition Tournaments are put on every year by surrounding baseball organizations. These tournaments provide a great opportunity for players and coaches alike to prepare for playoff competition.  Sherwood Park A's teams typically participate in 2 to 4 tournaments each season.

Check out The Dave "DOC" Plotsky Memorial Tournament hosted by SPMBA every year!

Provincial Championships and Beyond:

BA also manages provincial championships, and all A's teams participate.  Although a standard format is used, the provincial championships may vary by Division and Level.

Western Canada and National Championships are held in mid to late August and are located throughout Canada.  For more details on playoff rules, schedules and championships, refer to BA's Official Handbook.  This and other relevant information can be found on the BA web site at

Costs / Fundraising:

Although SPMBA player registration fees cover basic expenses such as insurance, equipment, and diamond rentals, A's teams are required to cover their own uniform (jerseys on deposit and must be returned), travel, and tournament costs.

Every Head Coach prepares a "Proposed" team budget that is presented to the parents for approval at the beginning of the season, after the team is selected.  This gives parents the opportunity to see the cost of participating in the Rep Program.  The cost is often offset by team fundraising activities. The amount of fundraising required varies by team and depends on travel and tournament activity (i.e.  out of province travel to Western Canada or National Championships).

Teams that do not advance beyond provincials typically budget $300 - $500 per player in additional to the player registration fee.

For information on registration fees, Click Here

Guiding Principals:

The Rep Committee uses three Guiding Principles in making decisions for the Rep Program.  These Principles are communicated to those individuals chosen to coach each season and will be, first and foremost, the deciding factors in the selection process.

The Principles are:

  1. Kids First: We make decisions that are right for the player(s).
  2. Kids have to have "FUN"We recognize that "FUN" means something different to Mosquitos and Midgets, and to Performance and Community players.  Regardless of the division and level of play, "FUN" brings a positive experience and a desire to return next year.
  3. Development: We emphasize Development for all divisions and all levels.  We believe all players are developing for the next level, be it a higher division/level within SPMBA or college ball.

All coaches are committed to honor and abide by these Principles.

Rep Committee:

The SPMBA Rep Committee consists of a Rep Vice President and four Rep Directors.  It is responsible for setting up and overseeing the Rep Program throughout the season.  Primary responsibilities include selecting coaches, providing team direction, conducting coach and player evaluations, and addressing disciplinary issues, parent concerns and general complaints.  The Rep Committee is dedicated to ensuring the Guiding Principles and the general philosophy of SPMBA is followed. 


SPMBA Safety/Medical Form:  Click Here

Contact Information

Vice President - Rep Program: Ed Kucy


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